Patient Impact.

We believe all people deserve exemplary medical care regardless of place of birth, financial status, race, gender, age, language spoken, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and political affiliation.

Our patient testimonials attest to CerviCusco’s recognition for providing exemplary and compassionate health care.

“I want more people to get to know this clinic because of the incredible work they do.”

Evangelina Vazquez

CerviCusco Patient

“Si es una clínica especializada y tiene muy buena atención.”

Alvarado Forget Anita

CerviCusco Patient

“La atención especializada y con calidad y calidez.”

Atev Val

CerviCusco Patient

Our History

In just 15 years, CerviCusco has had a profound impact on healthcare in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

  • 25,000+ children and adolescents vaccinated against HPV
  • 75,000+ women received Liquid-based Pap tests
  • 10,000+ colposcopy diagnostic examinations and surgery
  • 2,000+ biopsies to detect cancer
  • 1,000+ cancer prevention and screening campaigns
  • 2,000+ medical and “helping hand” volunteers
  • 10+ medical research studies conducted
  • 55,000+ people examined at CerviCusco
  • 100,000+ people provided care by CerviCusco
  • 700+ HPV tests for women
  • 2,000+ abnormal Pap tests reviewed by US experts using telepathology
  • 2,500+ Peruvian healthcare providers taught by CerviCusco
  • Artificial intelligence review of breast ultrasound images using teleradiology.
  • $17.6+ million direct financial impact by health care services performed
  • Cancer prevention health care on site in all 13 rural districts of Cusco and other departments/provinces

Our milestones reflect industry partnerships, academic efforts, humanitarian collaborations, private-public ventures and philanthropic recognition. Our advancement has cultivated a robust and noteworthy learning environment for future healthcare providers. The timeline below highlights some of our more significant achievements.

  • 2008 – CerviCusco Clinic founded, offers expert colposcopy services
  • 2009 – First US industry-funded clinical research study
  • 2010 – Liquid-based cervical cytology (Pap) implemented – First in Peru
  • 2011 – Telepathology consultations with the US initiated – First in Peru
  • 2012 – Peruvian National Institute of Health-certified Research Center
  • 2013 – First US-National Cancer Institute-funded research study
  • 2014 – US Corporate Social Responsibility volunteer support programs initiated
  • 2015 – Second US-National Cancer Institute-funded research study
  • 2016 – Comprehensive HPV vaccination program in remote regions – First in Peru
  • 2017 – Collaboration with US-based 501c3 to assist volunteers
  • 2018 – Family Medicine services offered
  • 2019 – Collaboration with RAD-AID for early detection of breast cancer – First in Peru
  • 2020 – CerviCusco receives UPenn Nursing Global Women’s Health Renfield Award
  • 2021 – CerviCusco provides patient care during COVID-19 pandemic

Our Patients