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Welcome to CerviCusco

The Problem of Cervical Cancer:

Despite the splendor of the Andes Mountains, sinister diseases lurk inconspicuously among the proud inhabitants. One is cervical cancer- a lethal condition that is entirely preventable. Peruvian women have one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. This is disproportionately true for women who live in the isolated mountain regions of the country. Although culturally rich, many women lack the financial means and geographic access to preventive healthcare enjoyed by others in more developed nations. Sadly, cervical cancer is universally preventable.
A Solution - CerviCusco:

CerviCusco was created to advance cervical cancer prevention with the goal of reducing the morbidity and mortality of cervical neoplasia in Peruvian women. We have built a culturally sensitive, comprehensive cervical cancer prevention program. CerviCusco provides high quality screening, diagnostic and therapeutic medical services, unique expertise and has state-of-the-art resources to ensure even impoverished women receive necessary care. Our modern medical center employs trained Peruvian medical personnel to maintain a sustained, permanent medical presence in the region. Foreign medical providers enhance the care delivered at CerviCusco. We educate the public and medical community about cervical cancer prevention and advance the scientific discovery process through INS (Peruvian national institute of health)-approved clinical studies. Our medical center of excellence also provides other women's healthcare services. CerviCusco is a Peruvian registered non government organization created in 2008 to address the exceedingly high rate of cervical cancer in women of the Peruvian Andes.