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Since 2008, we’ve been welcoming medical students, residents, healthcare practitioners, lab technicians and other skilled professionals to our clinic in Cusco, Peru. Working alongside our Peruvian staff, volunteers contribute to our mission and gain valuable insight into global health issues in this very unique location.  Once you volunteer with us, you become a Friend.

Students and Residents

Medical, nursing, physician’s assistant, public health, cytology and students from other disciplines come to CerviCusco to participate in a unique educational experience.  We invite students to come individually or as a group.  We work with academic institutions to create programs for groups of students. Accommodation is provided in secure, shared apartments above the clinic and is included in the cost of the program.

Helping Hands

Practicing physicians, nurses, lab technicians and non-medical professionals are welcome as Helping Hands to strengthen the work of CerviCusco.  

We regularly welcome professionals with business, marketing, finance, and information technology skills to strengthen the administrative capacity of CerviCusco. 

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Hear from our Friends!

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