Our Patients


Patient Testimonial Yoni

Yoni was screened during a CerviCusco outreach in her village outside of Cusco. She had an abnormal PAP test, and after a colposcopy exam and a biopsy she received a LEEP conization surgical procedure to prevent the spread of the cervical neoplasia.


“I am so happy for this test from CerviCusco. And if something bad happens with the test, I am so thankful that there is someone out there who will help me.”


It is Valentina’s second time to come to the Lamay clinic for a free PAP campaign from CerviCusco. She came again this year because her previous experience with CerviCusco was good.

When Valentina had the PAP test last year, CerviCusco followed through and provided her test results in a timely manner. She feels that can trust CerviCusco.


“I am very thankful for this help – and please find a way to keep helping, in any and all ways that you possibly can. We are very far up in the mountains and we have had no medical help before.”

Patient Testimonial Santuas

Santuas was screened in the mountain village of Lamay. This is her third time to receive a PAP test. Normally, she has to walk three hours to be seen.

“If I had never heard of the CerviCusco screening campaign, I would never have known that I had this cervical problem and I might never have had my precious baby. We are so happy – it was just in time!”