Pap Testing

Papanicolaou (PAP) tests  are done for screening cervical cancer and pre-cancers. It detects changes in the cells of the cervix (the mouth of the womb) that are not normal. The test involves taking a small sample of cells from the cervix, usually during a routine pelvic exam.  The cells are sent to a laboratory where they are prepared and evaluated under a microscope. 

SurePath TM Liquid Base Test


Liquid-based Pap Tests are the modern way to test for cervical cancer. They are more accurate in detecting cervical precancers and cancer than the older conventional Pap test used throughout Peru. Fewer unsatisfactory Pap tests are also seen with liquid-based Pap tests. CerviCusco was the first health care center in Peru, and is still the only Peruvian laboratory, to provide this vastly improved method to collect, process and evaluate these superior Pap tests.

SurePath TM Vials