Electrosurgery as Cervical Pre-cancer Treatment

loop excision

Cervical pre-cancers are caused by an HPV infection. If the immune system does not eliminate HPV from the body, pre-cancers develop. Mild pre-cancers or CIN1 do not require treatment. Rather, in 90% of cases, these lesions are cured by the immune system. However, moderate to severe cervical precancers, CIN2 and CIN3, are less like to resolve spontaneously, and can eventually evolve into cáncer. Therefore, moderate to severe pre-cancers must be treated to prevent the deveolpment of cervical cáncer. CerviCusco offers our patients modern, office-based, fertility-sparing electrosurgery of precancerous cervical lesions, instead of a hysterectomy.

Electrosurgical loop excision is one type of surgical treatment to remove abnormal cells from the cervix. A small wire loop instrument, using a special electrical current, is used to remove abnormal tissue from your cervix. Usually one to two small pieces of the cervix (about the size of a thimble you put on your finger when sewing) are removed. These samples are sent to a pathologist to make sure all of the abnormal cells are removed and to check and see if more serious disease is present. Following loop excision, normal cells slowly replace the area where the abnormal cells were located.