Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Our onsite laboratory processes liquid-based Pap tests and is staffed by Peru’s first cytologist trained in the liquid-based testing technology.  The laboratory was developed with generous donations from BD, a global medical technology company.

Laboratory services are available to clinics and hospitals in the region, ensuring the liquid-based testing technology can be easily implemented in other settings.

CerviCusco operates the first Telepathology Center in Peru in collaboration with Harvard University in the United States. All locally diagnosed abnormal Pap tests are inspected by a panel of international cytopathology experts using sophisticated telemedicine methods.

CerviCusco’s high tech onsite laboratory ensures that patients receive accurate and timely results from Pap tests – which is a key unmet need in the region.

As CerviCusco grows, further testing technology – such as the HPV test - will be added to offer additional health services to women.