Founded in 2008, CerviCusco has quickly become a

Center of Excellence.

  • 25,000+ people vaccinated against HPV
  • 70,000+ Liquid-based Pap tests
  • 10,000+ diagnostic examinations and cervical pre-cancer treatments
  • 1,000+ cancer prevention and screening campaigns
  • Cancer prevention health care on site in all 13 rural districts of Cusco and other departments
  • 2,000+ medical and helping hand volunteers
  • 10+ Medical Research studies conducted
  • Nearly 50,000 people examined at CerviCusco
CerviCusco sign front of building
Key milestones
2008 CerviCusco Clinic founded, offers expert colposcopy services
2009 First US industry-funded clinical research study
2010 Liquid-based cervical cytology (Pap) implemented – First in Peru
2011 Telepathology consultations with the US initiated – First in Peru
2012 Important partnerships with local and global entities established
2013 First US-National Cancer Institute-funded research study
2014 US Social Responsibility volunteer support programs initiated
2015 Second US-National Cancer Institute-funded research study
2016 Comprehensive HPV vaccination program in remote regions – First in Peru



Friends of CerviCusco founded in the US

Family Medicine services offered

Collaboration with RAD-AID for early detection of breast cancer